The 5 Keys to Creating Positive Change

You can make positive changes in your life to increase your own creative powers. When you do, this can lead to your own “Midlife Epiphany,” that puts you on a more fulfilling course. We all have an idea of what happens in a mid-life crisis… a dramatic behavior change based on previous thoughts. The “Midlife Epiphany” works in the opposite manner, as one embraces talents exposed by reflection on previous actions. Read more>>   Use these 5 keys to create your positive changes.


cataytic thinking

* The Importance of the Right Mentor >> Encouragement is easy to find, but it is important to add wisdom from people who have been where you want to go. Increase this wisdom by broadening your definition of “Mentor.”

* Little Actions Can Have Big Results >> Based on Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point,” there is reason to be optimistic that the little steps you take can have a big impact. Envision the change you want and take the first purposeful step.

* Exercise Your Brain for Creativity >> You can’t keep the Ferrari in the garage! Take it out for a spin. Our brains were built to take what is and create what could be. These exercises will help you put it in high gear.

* The Birth of an Idea is Sacred >>

All great ideas had to start as vulnerable little infants. They need to be shielded from 3 people you will certainly meet. The first is the “Uncertain You.” Learn how to deal with each one. 

* Take Ownership of Your Feedback >>

As an adult it is easy to have turned off the antenna that receives feedback, even though there is great value in it. Take these steps to become an active participant in your feedback.

5 keys