Since creating a squirrel trap as a child that would make Rube Goldberg proud, Pete Steer has been an active participant in the Creative Process. His career with Nestle has been marked with creative contributions in and outside of his role in sales. Reflection on creative actions, and an MBA class with the great inventor Stan Mason, started his “Midlife Epiphany,” toward a greater involvement in the Creative Process.

His ideas on the Creative Process were shared and invaluable feedback came in many shapes from some truly great creative thinkers. First was the beautiful efficiency of confirming words by Stan Mason. Then the prolific and beckoning thoughts of Chuck Scott of the Avanti Group. An educational campus visit with Dorothy Leonard, Professor of Innovation at Harvard. A SoCal boardwalk brain-picking lunch with Marsh Fisher of IdeaFisher. All interspersed with numerous encouraging sushi conversations with Bryan Mattimore of The Growth Engine Company. My sincere thanks to them all for their different and welcoming thoughts. Collectively, they are a great gift that I treasure.

Now it is my turn to mark the path so that others may follow. Catalytic Thinking shows the path to Breakthrough Ideas and Positive Changes!

Pete Steer