At last, someone journeys into the Creative Process and returns with vivid stories, examples and pictures weaved together to take the mystery out of generating breakthrough ideas and making positive changes in your life to unleash your own  creativity! Take the journey yourself!

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Catalytic Thinking is finally the book that explains and demystifies the Creative Process… and offers a repeatable process to generate breakthrough ideas for yourself, or within your organization.

You will also learn the 5 Keys to creating positive changes that can lead to your “Midlife Epiphany” and more creatively align what you have to do with what you love to do.

What is the value of being more creative? In business, studies show that most ideas are incremental improvements. But the breakthrough idea generates up to 7 times the sales growth, and can take a company in a whole new profitable direction. Increasing personal creativity has rewards that cover the spectrum of fulfillment, and can take your life in a whole new, and more meaningful direction.

“Pete Steer shares his journey of creative discovery, and ultimately creative transformation. As the reader, we're invited to come along on a unique adventure of imaginative thinking about the creative process... and in the process, be transformed ourselves. It's a ride for the creative mind like no other!.“ Bryan Mattimore, Founder, The Growth Engine Innovation Consultancy

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